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Evangelist Alice Martin



Behind Every Great Leader Is A True Intercessor

Evangelist Alice Martin has served at B.M. Oakley Memorial Temple, Church of God in Christ, for the last 43 years. It is her true desire to be like Christ. She serves proudly not only under her Pastor but also beside a great leader. For every great Leader, there is a True Intercessor and that is exactly what Evangelist Alice Martin is.

 The members of B.M. Oakley Memorial Temple acknowledge God's double portion of blessings in their Assistant Pastor. As being the Assistant Pastor, she dives right in and ministers to the hurting people of God. 

Watching her go forth brings great clarity with the understanding of what it really takes to be in ministry. More and more as the leaders come into their own gifts ,they recognize the great manifestation of God. Evangelist Martin's style, tenacity and strength are charachertistics that they would want to emulate.  They are disciplined to "study and show themselves approved". 

Several of the Evangelists, Missionaries as well as Jr. Missionaries understand that the call is great but the blessing is even greater. The Elders and Ministers of the temple honor and respect the anointing that rests upon her life. They mold thier style of preaching and teaching after her, knowing that soon enoungh, the Oakley mantle will be passed.

Being the Church Administrator, she maintains a ministry that is second to none. Not only does she monitor every ministerial auxiliary in the church, she is also the Director of the BMO Day Care Center. Giving back is something that Evangelist Martin feeds off of. Evangelist Martin believes that in giving back is the only way to obtain a true inner reward. Selflessness is the word that defines Assistant Pastor Alice Martin.

Ministry is her life and it is very apparent through out the week. She is the wife of Deacon Craig Martin and a hard working mother. Being a Preacher in her own right, Sunday mornings are filled with  her preaching, singing and ushering in the presence of the Lord.

Her gift through song has allowed her to branch out and be heard all over the country.  She is in the studios now preparing her upcoming CD Debut, "Alice At Last".   

Evangelist Alice Martin
A.M. Ministries